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Service History

Schumacher's Mechanic now working at
Daytona Auto Centre

Date Released: 03/14/2009

Woodbridge, Ontario, December 24, 2009 - F1 Grand Tour Ferrari Engineer
and Mechanic joins Daytona Auto Centre's service team.

Mr. Massimo Conti , a Ferrari veteran, worked with Michael Schumacher
and boasts well over 14 years on the track. A picture is worth a thousand

Daytona Auto Center of Woodbridge, Ontario has specialized in delivering
unprecedented levels of sales and service to fine sports' car owners for over
fifteen years. "We've catered to a clientele that appreciates technical
expertise and sound judgment that is both proficient and prudent when it
comes to managing and maintaining vehicles "says co-founder John Duca.
"During these times of economic crisis, we are focusing our efforts and
resources to increasing and expanding our core expertise and that's in the
service, maintenance and upkeep of fine cars; that's why we've recruited one
of the world's best in Ferrari" continues Duca referencing to their
announcement of Mr. Massimo Conti's highly anticipated arrival at Daytona
Auto Centre.

Mr. Conti served as Chief Mechanical and Technical Engineer with Team
Ferrari under the leadership of Michael Schumacher, world renowned
Formula One race car champion. Mr. Conti boasts specialized expertise with
Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Formula One racing cars and historical vehicles
such as the 333 SP.

"Bringing Mr. Conti onboard represents our stand to maintaining higher
standards not just for our service but for the standard of car care our
customers expect and deserve" says co-founder and Chief Mechanic, Alex
Armelin. "For all Ferrari owners, I invite them to bring their vehicles in to
have the true needs of the cars they care for assessed, and to be
superimposed with one of the world's most masterful mechanics inside the
realm of Ferrari' says Armelin.

Mr. Conti joins Daytona April 14th 2009, and there will be a Special Dealer
Reception in his honour. Join Daytona and meet in person their newest and
most intriguing family member. "I am delighted to bring to Daytona my
first-hand F1/Schumacher mechanical experience, to all Ferrari owners
across Ontario from my new home, Daytona" says Conti.

Contact Information:
Mr. Alex Armellin
Chief Mechanic
Daytona Auto Service
5309 Hwy 7
Woodbridge Ontario L4L 1T4
Phone: (905) 264 9982
Fax: (905) 2364-9985