7393 Weston Rd, Woodbridge, ON, L4L 0H5



It all started in 1960 when Dino opened the doors to Dino's Garage at 1250 Dupont St. in Toronto, a FIAT dealership and sales and service. It was an amazing partnership for more 10 years, and when FIAT retired from the Canadian market, Dino's Garage still serviced all their clients' automobiles.

In 1989, the name was changed to Daytona Auto Centre, John & Alex opened their exotic car dealership, with sales and Alex heading up the service department and John managing the day to day operations. They soon outgrew this space, and moved the business to the Woodbridge location at 5309 Highway 7.


Daytona has expanded once again with or new location at 7393 Weston Rd. A newly designed service are with 8 hoists, 1 alignment bay, dedicated engine room and dedicated machine shop room. Our showroom has also doubled in size with tall 30 foot ceiling with floor to ceiling windows.


In 2009 Massimo Conti, F1 Grand Tour Ferrari engineer and mechanic, joined the service team at Daytona Auto Centre. Massimo, a Ferrari veteran, worked with Michael Schumacher for approximately 8 years as part of his Formula 1 pit crew.

"We cater to a clientele that appreciates technical expertise and sound judgment when it comes to managing and maintaining vehicles," says co-founder John. "We are expanding our core expertise with regard to service, maintenance and upkeep of exotic cars - that's why we've recruited one of the world's best in Ferrari."

Conti boasts specialized expertise with Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Formula One racing cars and historical vehicles, such as the Ferrari 333 SP. "We are focused on maintaining the high standards of service that our clients expect and deserve," says co-founder and chief mechanic Alex Armellin. "I invite all Ferrari owners to bring their vehicles in for superior service with one of the world's most masterful mechanics inside the realm of Ferrari."


For his part, Conti is delighted to be at Daytona Auto Centre. "I bring my first-hand F1/Schumacher mechanical experience to all Ferrari owners across Ontario from my new home," he says.

Massimo Conti served as chief mechanical and technical engineer with TeamFerrari under the leadership of Michael Schumacher, world-renowned Formula One race car champion.






Leonardo Guinci is easily one of our most experienced and knowledgably mechanics. His mechanical career started in the early 80's working for Ferrari and Lamborghini. Leo has been factory trained by Ferrari North America (head office in New Jersey) and Fiat Canada (head office in Toronto).

Leo's expertise in classic European cars is exemplary. His professional certifications include Class "A" Mechanic -310S and ASE Certification/ Master Mechanic.

Some of Leo's accomplishments include a complete Rebuild/Restoration on a 1972 Dino Ferrari GT to factory specification, complete rebuild of 1974 Dino Ferrari GTS engine and Gearbox. Daytona has also documented, in detail, many classic Ferrari major services on Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS, 328 GTB/GTS/GTSi and Testarossa's. Proficient on carburetors including Webber, Solex, Stroughnburg, Holley Dual Pump carbs as well as performance tuning on carbureted motors.