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Exhaust & Modifications

For the most demanding customers, Daytona Auto Service offers exhaust systems for enhanced reliability, sound and performance.

X-OST Racing Exhaust Systems

Each X-OST component is planned, developed, then tested on track before introduction to the market, which guarantees the high-level performance and sound, both in tonality and the finishes. Far superior to stock exhausts, X-OST is a perfect combination of sound and performance.

Tubi Style Exhaust Systems

Founded in 1987 by Fausto Lettieri and Enrico Ruini, who parlayed their experience with Formula One exhaust experience and passion for high-performance cars into the Tubi Style exhaust systems, which develop and manufacture one of the most unique, high-quality exhaust systems now available.

Capristo Exhaust Systems

Renowned worldwide for their quality, design and enhanced sound, Capristo exhaust systems are built by state-of-the-art precision machinery in Germany. Substantially lighter than stock exhausts, Capristo delivers impressive performance and exhaust sound levels.

ECU Tuning

Modifying a vehicle's electronic control unit allows for engine variations and modifications to achieve superior performance, power enhancement and enhanced gains. Daytona Auto Service offers custom ECU tuning for all exotic, sports and European cars.